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Ferco's "Simply Secure" 3-deadbolt locking system
activates automatically.
By simply closing the door the upper and lower 3/4" (20mm) latches will instantly engage and become 2 additional deadbolts for maximum security.
The door is locked when you simply turn the knob or key, engaging the 1" central deadbolt.

Multipoint Locking Sytem

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The Advantages


The latch bolts, after closing become 2 additional deadbolts North American

   locking function, no lifting handles to engage the locking points
No confusion, "I can't lock the door"
Ease of operation, minimal effort required to close and secure the door 

   (elderly, children, and babysitter)
Peace of mind slam shut multipoint locking systems, with visual indication 

   of  locked/unlocked
90 degrees turn deadbolt operation
Proven Superior technology
Available for standard height and 8' doors
Short high grade 16 mm stainless steel faceplate with radius ends for a 

   clean door edge appearance, and  weather resistance

* Can only be fitted with Ferco handle trim sets (Allegro, Capri and Venice)

13 Polished Brass

11 Satin Nickel

25 Dark Bronze

08 Pewter

04 Antique Brass

Venice Antique Brass
Capri Antique Brass
Capri Gold
Venice Gold
Allegro Gold